Sunday Mass does not just “happen”.  The Church and altar must be prepared for every celebration of the Mass and the Sacristans perform this important ministry. The Sacristans ensure that everything needed for the Mass is clean and in place before the liturgy starts.

Sacristans keep the priest’s vestments, albs, altar cloths, towels, and other cloth items. available and laundered.  They keep a proper stock of wine, hosts, oils, ashes, incense and palms on hand.  They prepare the altar prior to Mass, keeping in mind the occasion and liturgical season.  They clear the altar after Mass and clean all vessels. patens and other items before the next Mass.

Without the Sacristans Mass would be a much less organized and spiritual occasion.

If you would like to help in this ministry please contact Sandra Hajal at 595 - 5605 (CtK office).